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"In the new movie DO YOU BELIEVE?, we see how God weaves together His story through our lives. Powerful, entertaining, gripping … DO YOU BELIEVE? is an incredible tool every church can use to reach people inside and outside of our walls."
Dr. George O. Wood, General Superintendent at General Council of the Assemblies of God

DO YOU BELIEVE? begs believers to remember that faith was never supposed to be just an idea or a feeling, but a conviction that transforms the way we live day to day, a belief that reshapes our values and choices."
Plugged In (Focus on the Family) 4.5 out 5 review

DO YOU BELIEVE? is the best faith-based film I have ever seen! I have seen a lot of them, so this is certainly a compliment. The superlatives will flow from the faith-based community regarding this film. The stories are wonderful, the characters are rich, the acting is terrific. … We are happy to award DO YOU BELIEVE? our 'Faith-Friendly' Seal for ages twelve plus. See this movie! This film has it all!”
Edwin L. Carpenter, Dove Foundation Reviewer from 5-Dove Review

DO YOU BELIEVE? is beautiful, powerful, and exceptionally well-made.”
Dr. Ted Baehr, Movieguide

DO YOU BELIEVE? is hands down one of the best Christian films I have seen in a while and I pray that God can use a film like this to show His love, mercy, and grace to those who need it the most. A must see!"
Jay Heilman, Founder of

“This is a must-see movie for believers as well as non believers of all ages. The events of this movie will have you inspired and answering the question DO YOU BELIEVE?
Robert Pinckney Jr. Philadelphia Phillies Chaplain

DO YOU BELIEVE? is one of the most true-to-life Christian movies I've ever seen—believable characters facing believable situations. It's about people being all-too human, miracles, and the everlasting love of Jesus Christ.”
Charlie Daniels

"After watching this awe-inspiring movie, my resolve to have a living, active faith in Jesus Christ is even stronger.”
Kelvin Cochran, Former Atlanta Fire Chief

"It's a really good movie. It shows the way that lives overlap and reminded us that God really does work in amazing ways. The message is that ultimately the only way to turn is Jesus ... And when you really believe your life is changed.”
Adam Morgan, Philadelphia Phillies Pitcher

"We all struggle to believe—both sinners and saints alike. The film DO YOU BELIEVE? helps us all believe!"
Cedrick Brown, Senior Pastor of Commitment Community Church, Author, and Former NFL Cornerback

"DO YOU BELIEVE? is an incredible tool to reach people inside and outside of our churches. People will see themselves in the different characters of this compelling movie. My hope and prayer is every Assemblies of God church will utilize DO YOU BELIEVE? to maximize impact in our communities."
Sol Arledge, Chief Operating Officer at General Council of the Assemblies of God

"A triumph! This beautifully directed film combines basic common themes and society’s concerns with realistic, life-changing faith. Terrific acting by real professionals who seem to believe—and live their lives. Take a friend to see it!"
Pat Boone

"When Pure Flix released the movie God's Not Dead little did they know that they would challenge an entire generation of believers to take a stand for their faith in God. The theatrical release of their next film DO YOU BELIEVE? could not be more timely. Many people in our country and beyond profess to believe in the cross of Jesus Christ. Only those that take up that cross and follow Him will be transformed and experience the abundant life. Pastors and church leaders should not miss this opportunity to share the gospel with their congregations!"
Dr. Robert Jeffress, Pastor, First Baptist Church, Dallas

"DO YOU BELIEVE? is grounded in sound and solid truths. This movie is energetic, engaging and uplifting, while pushing us all to examine our real convictions. It is a must see for the faith community and more so, it is an essential witnessing tool to those who need faith and belief in the our awesome God!"
Bishop Neil C. Ellis, Presiding Bishop and Founder, Global United Fellowship

“Quite simply, it may be the best evangelistic movie of all time. The acting is stellar and the story fast-paced. It will inspire and motivate you.”
Michael Foust, Refreshed Magazine / Christian News Journal

"A powerful family movie of how God's matrix is woven together to bring the Body of Christ together.”
David Akers, NFL Pro Bowl Kicker

“Part-way faith has never worked. But it’s so easy to choose. DO YOU BELIEVE? shakes up safe religion by picturing what our hearts really long for ... the thrill of being ‘all-in’ with Jesus!”
Dr. Robert Lewis, Founder of Men’s Fraternity; Bestselling author of Raising a Modern-Day Knight

DO YOU BELIEVE? is a must-see film! It’s filled with so many truths of the power of love and the importance of not giving up on those who seem too far gone to help or save. At Feed the Children, we are in the business of not giving up—no matter how daunting the problem of child hunger is. We see on a day-to-day basis how one person, with God’s help, can forever alter the future and lives of people. This movie portrays so beautifully this power within each of us. Everyone should see it! It will ignite your passion to change the world.”
Kevin Hagan, President and CEO, Feed the Children

“Amazing! This movie touches so many aspects of the Christian walk. I’m so inspired to live my faith out even more.”
Jason Benham, co-author, Whatever the Cost

“Inspiring, challenging, and timely, DO YOU BELIEVE? delivers everything you hope for in a movie, but don’t always get. If you are a Christian who takes your relationship with Jesus seriously, this movie will touch your soul.”
Lisa Cotter, blogger at (Fellowship of Catholic University Students), National speaker on dating and marriage

“I was very moved to watch the power of the Cross change these character’s lives—especially those characters who already were Christians, but encountered the Cross in a deeper way. This movie challenges us and shows both the triumph and hardships of living a life for Christ.”
Mary Elise Zellmer, Archdiocese of New York Young Adult Outreach

“We thoroughly enjoyed the movie DO YOU BELIEVE? and know you will too. Great story, great message, great lessons for all of us.”
Josh Griffin, High School Pastor, Saddleback Church, Co-founder, Download Youth Ministry

DO YOU BELIEVE? hits the target! My hat is off to Pure Flix for presenting such a powerful spiritual message to us all. The assembly of such an all-star cast adds even more impact to this production. The movie is a great depiction of twelve distinctly different characters on paths that will ultimately intersect and force them to answer the same foundation-shaking question: What Do You Believe?”
Joe Longever, CEO Copperweld Bimetallics LLC, Board of Directors, The Journey Home Project

"DO YOU BELIEVE? is a 'celebration of grace' and an important reminder for how we should love and care for our neighbors. It's a real-life depiction of how believers and non-believers interact in everyday life with the subtle thread of Biblical teaching for how we, as Christians, should act toward each other and toward a world that is watching us."
Matthew Panos, Chief Development Officer, Feed the Children

“This movie queries the heart of both believers and those who’ve yet to believe. DO YOU BELIEVE? is an engaging and spiritually impactful teaching tool. The storyline is so transparent and unwaveringly committed to the message of the Cross!”
Dr.Leonard N. Smith, Chancellor of Richmond Seminary, Senior Pastor, Mount Zion Baptist Church in Arlington, Va., Global Leader of Pastors, Global United Fellowship

DO YOU BELIEVE? is a breath of fresh air for Christian moviegoers hungry for enlightening, family friendly entertainment. Lee Majors, Cybill Shepherd, Mira Sorvino, Sean Austin, and Brian Bosworth are just a few of the incredibly talented actors joining forces in a film that shows wearing faith on your sleeve for the world to see is only a fraction of what Christ asks of us. Apersonal relationship with Christ Jesus is the true gift of the cross. The question is simple: DO YOU BELIEVE? The answer is harder to find."
Bo Bice, American Idol runner-up to Carrie Underwood

"This movie is amazing. You not only hear the gospel but you see it lived out. This movie will you show you how Jesus meets people in the middle of the pain and problems of real life."
Jeff Struecker, Lead Pastor Calvary Baptist Church, Columbus, Ga. Decorated member of the U.S. Army's most elite fighting corps

“This film will help all of us think twice about being casual Christians. In the end, casual Christians will end up being casualties. This very powerful film clearly demonstrates this dramatic difference in being All-In for Jesus.”
Darrel Billups, Th.D., Executive Director, National Coalition of Ministries to Men

“Pure Flix has done it again! DO YOU BELIEVE? delivers a powerful spiritual message presented by an award-winning cast. The film masterfully depicts the struggles and triumphs of both Christians and non-Christians and how their lives intersect daily. Most importantly, it highlights that Christ is ready to meet us wherever we are in life, but first, we must believe. DO YOU BELIEVE? is sure to resonate with everyone who watches.”
Jim Humphrey (USAF Retired), V.P. Copperweld Bimetallic LLC, Coordinator for The Journey Home Project

“This beautiful movie asks the most fundamental of all questions, ‘do you believe?’ and takes the viewer on a complex journey of a community of believers. The journeys all intersect in a spectacular climax. The movie’s challenge is to put Christ’s call into practice despite their weighty and inopportune consequences. "DO YOU BELIEVE?" offers compelling insights into the difficult consequences of the Christian calling in our life and offers encouragement for Christians as we struggle to live out Christ’s call in our life.”
Derry Connolly PhD, President of John Paul the Great Catholic University

“Wow! I love this movie. This is a movie that will challenge believers on the depth and action of their faith. It will also challenge nonbelievers on their stance that God doesn’t exist. The movie has an incredible finish. I would suggest this to all my friends. I Believe! As James 2:17 says, in the same way faith, if it doesn’t have works, is dead by itself.”
Bubba Burcham, Oklahoma Sooner Football Team Captain, 2000 National Champions

“There have been several quality Christian movies recently that have surprised the entertainment industry. DO YOU BELIEVE? is another one! For those of us that say ‘we believe,’ DO YOU BELIEVE? challenges the depth of your commitment. It is a movie that can be enjoyed by the mature believer as well as those that are still searching for answers.”
Tommy Bowden, Fox Sports Analyst and former NCAA Head Football Coach, Author, Winning Character: A Proven Game Plan for Success

"The movie is a powerful message of God's love that is relevant and much needed in the times we live in. It provides a clear message of the love, grace and salvation available to everyone by trusting your life in Jesus Christ for the forgiveness of sin that He paid for on the cross. It displays that through a loving relationship with Him, He is able to restore the lost and heal the hurting and calm the fears of those that are troubled. The question is 'Do You Believe?’”
Mike Reichenbach, Former NFL Player

"Just recently, I had the honor of viewing DO YOU BELIEVE? What a fantastic movie! The acting is top notch but the message is even better—how should following Christ affect my everyday life. Strap yourself in. The last 20 minutes will have you on the edge of your seat!"
Wes Cantrell, FBC Woodstock, Ga.